Nowadays lots of things are involved with Graphic Design, however our first goal is that every design that we make has to look great and, more important, it has to achieve its function and goal.

    In this area we design logos, identity manuals, packages and static ads.


    We always say that the animation is a practique and funny way to send a message because it allows to pass on the information in an easy way to our goal market. Something is clear, the animation goes beyond cartoons, it is really one of the most advanced technique in the last decade.

    In this area we include animation 3D, motion graphics, animated characters, title and opening sequences for TV and Internet and logo animation.


    If we go back on time to the 90s and we tell everyone that in a few years most of the advertising will be made on the Internet, everyone will mock of us, but now the reality is very different: The Internet is the best platform to take your products and services to all the world. Companies like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram and Amazon have showed us all the possibilities we have to develop our advertisement and strategies online.

    In this are we offer: social media campaigns, AdWords campaigns and advertisement campaigns.


    The construction of a brand is a process that includes and involves different elements. It would be wrong to think that only a logo can develop a brand because, sadly, it doesn’t. A correct branding involves a visual language of the brand, create a brand personality and voice and a logo.

    In this area we work on visual languages, identity campaigns, dynamics with the costumers and creative activations for the brand.


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    A video is very valued, not only in the advertisement market, but also in the informative, musical and entertainment markets. A good video allows the people to really focus on what is going on in the screen, and that is a great achievement.

    In this area we film corporative videos, musical videos, informative videos, spot ads and spots for social media.


    Most people think that illustrations are just drawings, but for us is much more than that. Illustration is a technique as old as the human beings. Nowadays we see it everywhere and it stays updated as a way to send a message.

    In this area we create characters and stages for animation, infographics and decorative elements.


    “A picture says more than a thousand words”. It is a very common phrase in Mexico and it is totally true because thanks to photography we can transmit sensations, emotions, flavors and experiences.

    In this area we include products and services photography.


    When we create and develop an advertising campaign we combine and involve lots of creative areas on the Lab like: video, graphic design, animation, digital marketing and more. We coordinate all this areas to achieve the goal of the campaign. Sometimes a campaign looks for sales, positioning, recognition or to inform.

    In this area we develop the campaign concept, campaign implementation, video and animation productions, digital campaigns on social media and on traditional media.


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